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Bali Tourist Attractions Oktober 25, 2008

Posted by syairdunk in Tourist Destination.

Bali is an Indonesian island that is positioned at the western most part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It falls between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. The island of Bali is a mythical and magical diamond shaped island which presents remarkable scenic beauty of the volcanic mountains and lakes, delightful rice terraces, ancient temples and palaces. The island of Bali is surrounded by the sparkling coral seas. It is well known as a popular and major tourist destination in the country and is well-known for its extremely developed arts which include dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking and music. Bali Tourism is a flourishing business and draws a number of tourists every year to the city. There are a number of Bali Tourist Attractions which would engage the travelers wholly during their trip to the place. The travelers would find it convenient and easy to delve into the city since one will find the Bali Tourist Information Center that would help the tourists in providing adequate and appropriate information about the place during any enquiry.

Bali Travel Guide provides detailed information on Bali.

Temples in Bali

The best known Bali Tourist Attractions in Indonesia are its myriad of Hindu Temples. The smallest of the village has at least three temples. But among them the most significant and largest are the nine directional temples.

Beaches in Bali

The island of Bali is blessed with a line of beaches that surrounds it and would serve as very good tourist attractions in Bali. The white sandy beaches are the ideal places for watching the sunrise as you jog down the beaches. Apart from this the tourists can engage themselves in a number of sporting activities such as diving, surfing and snorkeling or just go out into the sea in chartered boats.

Amusement Parks and Monuments in Bali

Furthermore the other Bali Tourist Attractions comprises of the several amusement parks and monuments. The amusements parks and monuments offer great options for spending one’s leisure by visiting these popular places.




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